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Somewhere in here are the brightest candidates for your programming position.
How are you going to find them? Codelect will help.
How it Works

Shiran Maller
acting as a recruiting manager
The service significantly improved our recruitment process and cut down the time to fill a technical
position. We found the service very flexible and reliable. We were very pleased with the service ability to measure the candidate skills in every topic and give us in-depth analysis
on the candidates' technical skills. We get an excellent support, no doubt this is a must service for all high technology companies.
Elran Milo
acting as a recruiting director
We are using the service to create tailor made technical tests along with our customers according
to their position requirements. We are using these tests to screen applicants which got a low score and the ones who scores high are sent to our customers for more interviews.
The service allows us to guarantee, to our customers, that each candidate has the proper technical skills they asked for.
Ayelet Weisbrot
acting as a recruiting manager
We have successfully integrated the service to screen unqualified candidates. Using the service,
we have significantly reduced the amount of recruitment time per position while saving our technical interviewers valuable time by only interviewing the candidates which
successfully passed the test. Building a test is fast and easy , after the candidate finishes the test I can review the results and compare it to other candidates who had the same test, this gives me a broader picture on the candidate's abilities and assists me to decide whether to continue interviewing the candidate.
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