How to keep your employee happy?

By Thomas Philips, April 1, 2014


Without any doubt, this is a million dollar question. Every business needs productivity which needs creativity. Creativity needs peace of mind which is tightly connected to the happiness. All you have to do is to break this equation in simple form and go directly towards what you need; success.

Here are some simple things you can adopt and apply into your business and work environment to keep your employees happy.

  • Have a mutual purpose: As an employer, it is your job to make clear the mission or goal of your business. You employees must feel that they are part of the team and making a difference. No one wants to work as a machine, without any objective or purpose. So, tell them how important and impactful their work is. The most important part is to tell them the company vision in the initial stage of their employment. Ask them if they have any confusion about the goals and objectives of the company. If they have questions, answer them and make sure they are satisfied.
  • Value Them: The most basic and influential factor in the individual performance. All you have to do is to appreciate their positive work and value them as an important asset. It doesn't mean that you have to ignore their failures but if they are average then encourage them to be extraordinary rather than criticize them.
  • Communication: From an employee prospective, it is very important to talk and communicate with colleagues and other fellow workers. If you have a business which is growing fast and have several departments then chances are most of the people don't know or even recognize each other. It is very important to develop good communication among the coworkers to feel more connected and valued. The other benefit is for newly appointed employees, more they talk with senior members of the team, more they learn in short time span. And what you have to do in order to accomplish this; Nothing. Except arranging gatherings regularly.
  • Feedback: Feedbacks are not only important in customer - business relation but also in employer to employee relation. Remember why you are doing this? To increase your business productivity. Make sure you get and more importantly give your feedback on regular basis.
  • Trust your employee's ability: Trusting your employees and trusting their abilities are two very distinguish things; make sure you follow both. No one wants to do the same task over and over again, following the daily routine for a long time. So, trust their abilities and assign them new tasks and responsibilities to do something different this time. Not only it will help you to make them happy but it will also develop self confidence in them and they will feel more valuable for the organization.
  • Keep them in loop: Make sure your employees are well aware of the latest news and events about the company. That way they will feel like an important part of the team and ultimately the whole organization.